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Byron Marsh

Byron Marsh - Suggestion Form

Byron Marsh  

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  • What part of our community is your suggestion related to?
    Game Server
  • What is your suggestion?
    Add a script that cleans up unused entities after x amount of time. unused cars/items dropped
    If a car is not assigned to a player (Delivery mission) car should be deleted after x amount of time unused.
    If a car belongs to a player (purchased) car should be sent back to garage after x amount of time unused.
  • How could your suggestion positively affect our community?
    Server performance will increase.
    Wont see cars upside down or smashed up everywhere.
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?
    I'd implement this if you're not planing on relying on mechanics/tow trucks to come get the cars.
    If a player comes up with a mechanic company and it gets accepted you could just drag out the time the script executes.
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But what if you do this , and lets say i drive my car to my buddy's house and we hop in his car i would expect to see my car back at his place when we got back no matter how much time the car was out . now i see damaged cars all the time left out i think thats what needs to be cleaned up after X amount of time  IMO . 


Good topic 

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