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Corey Kaboolian

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  1. What is your Roleplay Name (Must be a FIRST and LAST name and may not be the name of a famous person)? Corey Kaboolian What is your Discord Username (Include your ####) ? V1x.#3177 What is your Steam 64 ID ? 76561198294224785 How old are you? 21` What is your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) ? 10/27/1998 Why would you like to join the Onset Fire Rescue Department ? I think becoming apart of EMS would be a great way to gain more roleplay experiences. I generally enjoy having a conversation and interacting with people which is why this would be a great fit for me. When it comes down to EMS I have a ton of experience, I've been around to a lot of different servers and have gained plenty of knowledge. I'm always looking to improve my roleplay skills. If I do get accepted I will strive to bring a lot of experience/ideas to the department. EMS will always be a top priority on any server because we are always needed. Becoming EMS will better me as a whole as being neutral. I would like to bring these skills to the department: Teamwork has always been one of my best strengths because I've never been the type to leave a fellow teammate behind we come as one, & I love making goals together so we can push through all opticals to accomplish/dominate them together. Dedication: I’ve always stayed committed to continuing something no matter the outcome. Leadership: I am strong when it comes down to taking leadership in doing things. I do my best at all times and hope to reflect it on to others. I can bring more of this by helping, teaching, directing, & motivating others Do you have any previous experiences when it comes to being in EMS or any related fields? Yes, I do. If yes, What has your previous experience been? A3PL, AFPL, PAL In your opinion, What makes a good Paramedic/Firefighter? What makes me a good Paramedic/Firefighter is that i can follow orders from higher ups and i am a honest person. Also i work Really well with Others. At this time, Do you have any questions or comments? Nope
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