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Cole Kaboolian

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  1. Applications are currently OPEN
  2. Nice to meet you man! I'm hyped to see you on the server!
  3. The Kaboolian Family Our Beginning Our beginning started in many places. It mainly started in the streets of Brooklyn where a rag-tag group of people out of other Families. We all had one thing in common, we wanted money. Our Focus Our Focus is taking over the trades. WE wanna be on top of the weapons and drug trades. Nothing moves without us having a cut in it. We take no shit. Disrespect leads to death. There's only one way out and its not fun. We run by a code of loyalty. Code of Conduct Article I- You don't snitch on the family Article II- Always have your brothers back Article III- Bosses have the final say in everything Article IV- Never forgive and Never Forget How to Join Speak with a member and command will discuss your acceptance
  4. Hey everybody! my name is Cole! I just graduated High school earlier this year and am currently working in a warehouse. I'm planning to join the marines before the end of the year and hoping to go to college for Cyber security and web design. I love RP and am looking forward for Onset to be released so i can join the RP scene and help out!
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