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  1. that's true Evan. I think I should wait until everything's been set in the ground first before I make this a thing.
  2. Cock-In Bell Business Type: Fast Food Employees: Claude Neal (Franchise Owner) Employment Hierarchy: Franchise Owner Fast-Food Outlet Manager Assistant-Manager Cook Food Server Cashier Deliveries Business Backstory: Welcome to Cock-In Bell, one of the first Fast-Food joints within the State of Onset! Come and enjoy several meals of chickens ranging from our beloved quarter-pound chicken fillets and delicious crispy and tender fried chicken! Enjoy some of the finest of soft drinks as well as the smoothest, tastiest, and creamiest Milkshakes that you have ever tasted! Enjoy your time with our polite and caring employees who always believes that the customer is right no matter the cost! Come on down to Cock-In Bell where chicken is at it's finest! And to make music with your asshole and paint your toilet with a nice brown coat! MMM! Payroll: Franchise Owner: N/A Fast-Food Outlet Manager: 240 per Day Assistant-Manager: 200 per Day Cook: 160 per Day Food Server: 120 per Day Cashier: 80 per Day Delivery: 20 Per Delivery
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